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The Addressograph Bartizan Advantage

Addressograph Bartizan was formed in May 2001 when two of the industry’s premier credit card imprinter manufacturers joined together to bring you the broadest range of reliable solutions for your card processing needs.

With the experience and knowledge of the world’s leading imprinter manufacturers, Addressograph Bartizan will provide the highest quality and widest choice of imprinters at a great value. We have set the standard for the industry and we continue to set the pace with creative new products designed to satisfy every niche in the credit card imprinter marketplace.

Addressograph Bartizan imprinters are used to imprint embossed plastic credit cards. We have both manual and electric imprinters and our product range includes portables, flatbeds, pump handles, ticket writers, retail electrics and variable amount imprinters.

With representation in 80 countries worldwide, Addressograph Bartizan is the only truly global imprinter company. By utilizing both companies’ best practices from manufacturing to customer service to deployment, we are confident that together, we will provide exceptional customer service.

There are millions of sales transactions every day where merchants find our imprinters are indispensable. Whether it’s for primary use, backup or chargeback protection, our imprinters are found in a variety of retail applications. We have developed a reputation for the custom development of very unique products to meet a customer-specific application. So whatever you need, we have the right imprinter.


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