There are millions of sales transactions every day where merchants find our imprinters are indispensable. Whether it’s for primary use, backup or chargeback prevention, our imprinters are found in a variety of retail applications. Our product line ranges from electrics to pump handles to flatbeds and to portables. So whatever you need, we have the right imprinter. You’ll never know until the day you need one. Choose Addressograph Bartizan imprinters for your retail application.

The most commonly used Addressograph Bartizan imprinters in the retail industry are:

Pump Handle 871

The Addressograph Bartizan 871 is a compact, versatile pump handle imprinter capable of producing high-quality impressions for a variety of data capture applications. With the 871 imprinter, crisp, readable impressions can be created time after time.

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Pump Handle 875

The Addressograph Bartizan pump handle 875 is ideal for low volume merchants who require the versatility and reliability of a pump handle imprinter.
The pump handle 875 is a cost effective alternative to flatbeds with ink rollers. Unlike the flatbeds, the 875 imprinter is equipped with a replaceable ink roller and no tools are required…making this imprinter the ideal choice for many merchants.

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Electric 840

The Addressograph Bartizan 840 Electric imprinter features a compact and versatile design for applications requiring speed and accuracy. The 840 has become the imprinter of choice for high-volume applications found in the retail, travel and entertainment industries. Its compact size is ideal for any merchant POS location.

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Flatbed 4000

The Addressograph Bartizan flatbed 4000 is the ideal imprinter for merchants. It is designed to withstand the physical abuses of a bustling merchant environment. Its Zantec base is stronger and more durable than aluminum. It produces a cleaner impression at just a fraction of the cost of our competitor’s aluminum bases. Our interlocking screw and nut combination holds the desired imprint intensity for a million cycles. The 4000 is equipped with a space saver handle so when the imprinter is not in use, you can hang it from the counter. You’ll never know until the day you need one. Choose Addressograph Bartizan’s 4000.

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