840 Ink Roller Replacement

To replace the roller, proceed as follows:

1. Remove the machine’s line cord from the power outlet. This way the machine cannot accidentally engage while it is being serviced.
2. Using the stylus supplied with the machine, or an object similar to the tip of a ball point pen, raise the metal spring clip upward (Figure 1).


Figure 1

You have moved it sufficiently when the entire ink roller assembly moves outward (Figure 2).


Figure 2

3. Slide the white plastic roller upward, off the metal ink roller shaft. Using the plastic glove provided in this kit to protect your hand, slide the old ink roller off its shaft and discard it.
4. Remove the fresh ink roller from its vial and slide it down onto the shaft. It should move downward until it contacts the lower white plastic roller.
5. Replace the upper white plastic roller on to the ink roller shaft. Be certain that its orientation is as previous, with its larger diameter next to the ink roller.
6. Snap the metal spring clip downward until it latches over the upper portion of the white plastic roller.
7. Plug the machine’s line cord into the wall outlet. Your machine is now ready for operation.


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