840 Operating Instructions

1) Insert the plug for the machine line cord into an outlet of the same voltage and current as specified on the Model Plate. NOTE: When unit is in use, access to plug must not be obstructed.
2) The Merchant Plate with your establishment name and account number is retained in the machine by two plastic retainers. To install the plate, hold it embossed side up and flat against the surface which supports it as shown. Slide the plate downward until the notches in the plate are fully engaged with the PLASTIC RETAINERS. (Fig. 2) NOTE: You may receive your Model 840 with the plate already installed.
3) The DATER should be changed daily, by rotating the appropriate wheel using a wood or fiber STYLUS (Fig. 2)
4) Insert the Customer’s embossed plastic card into the metal CARD GAUGE located in the head of the machine, (Fig. 2). Make sure the card is pressed all the way down in the gauge, and the front “raised” part of the card is visible, and right side up.
5) Place form in imprinter. For all charge forms, make sure the stub is to the left and the top of the form is facing out so you can read it.
6) Grasp the HEAD of the machine as shown, (Fig. 1), and pull it towards the BODY of the machine until it is latched in the closed position. As shown as the HEAD latches closed, no further hand pressure is required. The instant the HEAD latches in position, the machine is automatically activated for one complete cycle of operation. Upon completion of the printing portion of the cycle, the HEAD is unlatched and returns to its open position while the machine completes the cycle. Upon completion of the full cycle, the motor stops and the machine is ready for another complete operation.
7) Remove the CHARGE FORM from the FORM HOLDER GAUGE for further processing as required. Remove the customer’s embossed plastic card from the CARD HOLDER and return it to the customer along with a copy of the form.
8) The Model 840 is equipped with an inked roller. This roller must be changed occasionally when the ink is depleted. To replace the roller proceed as follows:
9) Remove the line cord plug from the power outlet to the machine, so the machine cannot possibly operate.
10) Using the stylus supplied with the machine, raise the metal spring clip that retains the upper white roller until the entire inked roller assembly can be moved outward, (Fig. 1 See enlarged insert). Remove the white roller and replace the inked roller. Reassemble the white roller. Lift the spring clip up and push the entire roller assembly back into place, being sure the spring clip snaps down to retain the white roller. The machine is now ready for use.
11) Should the head of the machine fail to latch when it is closed to imprint a form, the difficulty may be caused by more than one form in the form holder gauge. If this is not the cause, then it may be that the roller has not fully returned to neutral position on its previous cycle, and is preventing the head from latching. If this difficulty is suspected, tilt the machine forward to access the bottom of the machine, then depress the reset button. This will cause the motor to run. Keep the switch depressed until the roller reaches the end of its print stroke and then release. The roller will return to neutral position under its own power. Note: if you keep the switch depressed too long, the roller can travel beyond neutral position and the unit will be out of time and not operate. If this happens, simply repeat the above and release the switch sooner. (Please note the roller is in neutral position when it is at its extreme right as you face the machine.)

If this procedure does not permit the head to be latched for imprinting, the machine should be serviced.

Should the machine stop in the closed position during its operating cycle because of a power failure, a blown fuse in the power line, etc. proceed as follows:

Remove the line cord plug from the power outlet immediately, to disconnect the motor from the power line. Tilt the machine forward to access the bottom of the machine. Insert your fingertips into the opening in the bottom of the machine and pull on the HEAD LATCH BAR per instructions on the label. This will open the imprinter. When the difficulty has been remedied, the line cord should be inserted into the power outlet and the roller reset as described above.



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