871 Operating Instructions

1. Lift the head of the Imprinter and place the Customer’s credit card in the card holder.
2. If your Imprinter is equipped with a dater, make sure it is set to the correct date.
3. Position the sales draft over the credit card. It may be necessary to adjust the stop for your sales draft. Loosen and slide the form stop to its new position and lock in place.
4. Lower the head of the Imprinter. If necessary, hold the sales draft in place while doing so.
5. Push the Imprinter handle down as far as it will go, and allow it to return.

6. Lift the Imprinter head, remove the Customer’s credit card and the sales draft.
7. Follow your Supervisor’s instructions for completing the sales transaction. INK ROLLER

1. Remove the screw from the center of the plastic cover.
2. Lift the cover off the unit.
3. Remove the imprint mask, if the unit is so equipped.
4. Push out the ink roller shaft, remove and discard the old ink roller. Be careful to save the ink roller bushings.
5. Insert the new ink roller and ink roller bushings. Replace the ink roller shaft.
6. To remove excess ink from the new ink roller, make several sample impressions, prior to actual use.



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