935 Operating Instructions

1) The rotary dater should be changed each day. Do not turn the wheels with a metal object. To do so, may cause damage.
2) Place the plastic card in the bed of the machine by placing the bottom edge of the card against the two metal tabs, and allow the top edge to rest within the plastic card gauges.
3) Set the variable amount wheels to the figure representing the transaction. This is done by moving the keys at the front of the machine. You can view the amount set in the windows directly above the keys. The keys cannot be positioned unless the print handle is in the far left position.
4) Place a blank form in the machine face up, with the four corners of the form within the plastic form gauges.
5) Move the print handle from the left, rest position to the far right, then return it to the full left, rest position. Remove the plastic card and imprinted form and complete the transaction.

CAUTION: Should the handle move only a short distance and stop, do not force the handle. The print handle probably has been stopped by the built in lock. This lock is activated after each transaction and can only be unlocked by resetting the variable amount keys. When this occurs, return the handle to the left position, return the keys to zero, and reset the amount of the transaction.

6) To install or change an auxiliary metal station plate, remove the two screws, and replace or install the new plate, make certain that the thin metal shim is in position under the auxiliary plate prior to installing and tighten the screws.



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