945/947 Operating Instructions

1) The rotary dater should be changed daily. Do not turn the wheels with a metal object. To do so could cause damage.
2) After checking expiration date on the customer’s credit card put the card in the bed of the machine by placing the bottom edge of the card against the two metal tabs allowing the top edge to rest within the limits described by the plastic guides.
3) Lift the cover for the storage compartment at the rear left corner of the machine and remove a blank charge form. Record the purchase information including the amounts. Show the total amount of the sale in the space provided on the form.
4) Position the amount keys to the figures representing the total amount of the sale. This total will show in the windows directly below the amount keys.

Note: The keys cannot be positioned unless the print handle is in the left position.

5) Place the charge form in the machine face up, with the bound edge to the left. Make certain the four corners of the form are properly positioned within the plastic form guides.
6) Move the print handle to the full right position, then to full left position to complete the imprinting cycle. CAUTION: Should the handle move only a short distance and stop, DO NOT FORCE THE HANDLE. The print handle may be stopped by the “built-in” safety mechanism because the amount keys have not been reset. In such cases, return the print handle to the full left position, reset the amount keys to the required amount, then imprint the form.
7) To change the station plate, remove the retaining screws, and replace the plate. Make certain that the thin metal plate beneath the station plate is in position before tightening the screws.

Note: If your imprinter is a 947 and is equipped with a product code key, or keys, set to the correct code(s) for the sale.






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