Instructions to Process a Credit Card Sale using an Imprinter

These instructions may be used to guide your staff in the manual processing of a credit card sale using an imprinter. This document is a template for you to customize to your own specific requirements. Please consult your primary operating guide and contract to ensure compliance.

Completing a Credit Card Sale with an Imprinter

1. Check the expiration date on the credit card. Do not accept the credit card if the current date is after the last day of the effective period.

2. For MasterCard and/or Visa cards, compare the printed number under the first four embossed numbers on the card and proceed only when they match.

3. Take an imprint of the credit card on a sales slip and on the slip write the transaction date and a description of the merchandise or services purchased with the dollar amount of the sale. Subtotal the sale items add any taxes then total the transaction. Do not return the card to the customer until you receive authorization for the purchase.

4. Call ___________________________________ to have the purchase authorized giving our Merchant Number ____________________________, the cardholders account number, the card expiration date, the Card Security Code (three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of MasterCard and Visa cards or four digits printed on the from of American Express cards) and the total amount of the sale.

5. Write the authorization response code received on the sales slip.

6. Have the customer sign the sales slip, compare the sales slip signature with the signature on the back of the card, and when they match return the credit card to the customer along with the cardholder copy of the sales slip. The sale is now complete.

7. (Add your instructions for the final processing of the sales slip)

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