Instructions for Processing Keyed In Transactions using an Imprinter

Anytime a credit card account number has to be keyed because the card’s magnetic stripe is unreadable, you as the merchant are vulnerable to a chargeback of the purchase by the card issuer. If the cardholder disputes the charge you must have proof that the card was present and your charge is valid. These instructions may be used to guide your staff in the secure processing of a keyed in transaction using an imprinter. This document is meant to be used as a template for you to customize to your own specific requirements. Please consult your primary operating guide and contract to ensure compliance.

Processing a Keyed In Transaction

1. When the magnetic stripe on a credit card can not be read, complete the sale by keying the account number and the expiration date into the terminal.

2. Make and imprint of the credit card on a sales slip and have the customer sign the sales slip and the printer receipt – OR – Make and imprint of the credit card on the printer receipt and have the customer sign it.

3. Retain the Merchant copy(s).

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